BIOCETAL is an acetal thermoplastic polymer for making flexible non-metal framework dentures.

Unique molecular structure ensures excellent physical and chemical properties. Its key attributes include dimensional stability, resistance to abrasion, strength and bio-compatibility.

Optimal stiffness-flexing balance and mechanical strength make this modern polymer particularly suitable for making metal-free framework dentures with plastic clasps.

HIGH AESTHETIC VALUES – the primary advantage of BIOCETAL prostheses is due to the lack of visible metal retention elements. They were replaced by properly formed plastic buckles.

HIGH CLASS SPRING – adjusts their flexibility and allows them to be placed at the gingival pocket itself, which further enhances the aesthetics.

SHAPE AND COLOR CLAMP –  BIOCETAL dentures makes them invisible to the patient’s mouth while matching the clasps color with patient natural teeth color.


  • No visible buckles
  • High aesthetics of the prosthesis
  • Higher resistance to mechanical deformation
  • Rapid adaptation of the prosthesis by the patients
  • Low weight
  • No sensitizing components of metal alloy
  • Does not irritate the mucosa
  • Does not cause allergic reactions