Flexible Partial Dentures  in our opinion are the least advertised and by far the most liked by Dentist / Technicians and have a very high patient satisfaction. A dense material that is FDA approved for medical devices, monomer free, slightly flexible and extremely durable.

  • Non-Porous: Bacteria, Stain and Odor Resistant
  •  Solid material that is easily adjusted with a carbide bur
  • Technicians need special training

A recent survey indicates that 70% of Dentists provide flexible partial dentures into their practice.  30% of RPDs prescribed by those Dentists are flexible.  The widespread and growing acceptance of flexible partial dentures is primarly due to patient considerations.  Patients feel that Flexible Partials are more comfortable, more aesthetic and easier to insert than metal based partials.

  • Lightweight Alternative to metal frameworks, unilaterals, nesbits
  •  Esthetic: Translucent, Flexible Partial Dentures “disappears” in the mouth
  •  Comfortable: Thin, lightweight and flexible for easy insertion
  •  Durable: Clinically unbreakable
  •  Hygienic: Non Porous, Bacteria, Stain and odor resistant
  •  Easily adjusted with a carbide bur
  •  No Metal hot / cold effect