Ultimate Thermoplastic Undetectable Partial Dentures

What if there were a way to replace missing teeth that didn’t involve any expensive surgical procedures?

What if there were an affordable method of tooth replacement that didn’t sacrifice aesthetics?

What if there existed a partial denture that could actually blend in with your natural dentition so that it appeared invisible in your mouth?

With the introduction of Flexible Dentures, nobody has to know that you have missing teeth.

Tooth Replacement Options

With a breakthrough in dental technology,  Thermoplastic Dentures is leading the way to creating longer lasting, stronger, more aesthic, non allergic, and cost efficient materials your treating dental professional can now offer you. Not only are you getting a product you can depend on, but a product you wont have to worry might break just by dropping it. Unlike other denture base material that break under stress, Thermoplastic Dentures meets the challenge!

Breakthroughs in modern dentistry now allow for what are called removable partial dentures that are flexible and more esthetically pleasing than more traditional dentures.

Excellent alternative cosmetic restorations for esthetic-conscious and provide long-term comfortable use for the patient. Thermoplastic resins typically have very little or almost no free monomer in the material. A significant percentage of the population is allergic to free monomer and these materials offer a new safe treatment alternative for these individuals.