ThermoSens is the innovative, virtually unbreakable, new monomer-free rigid denture base material.

Monomer-free  ThermoSens is ideally suited to patients unwilling or unable to accept dentures made from materials that could result in allergic reactions or other sensitivity problems. The increasing public awareness of such issues, and the need for professionals to offer biocompatible solutions, without dangerous raw materials, mean that ThermoSens has an important role to play in today’s dental marketplace. Virtually no shrinkage: excellent fit Created from a unique thermoplastic material, ThermoSens also offers a number of other important advantages. It is virtually unbreakable, and provides an excellent fit due to the lack of volume shrinkage.

Strength, aesthetics & comfort ThermoSens’ strength and comfort is beyond comparison with any other denture base material on the market today. Its rigid body lets you create a thinner denture which fits perfectly and comfortably in the patient’s mouth. Unlike acrylic, when dropped or mishandled its thermoplastic base will ensure that the impact is absorbed rather than dispersed, thus avoiding fractures or total separation.

Biocompatible No liquid chemicals are added to ThermoSens material during the process, including at the finishing stage (unless your clear frame is made partially with acrylic saddles). This is a promising alternative for those patients who are sensitive to chemicals or acrylic resins. It means you can offer the patient an allergy-free appliance.

Low volume shrinkage Unlike acrylic dentures that have an 8% shrinkage rate, ThermoSens has managed to reduce this to

Non-absorbable Due to the high density of our thermoplastics, liquids and consumables are practically unable to penetrate our products. This ensures that minimal of yellow or brown discoloration will occur over time. Whether a patient is a heavy coffee drinker, a smoker, or enjoys acidic drinks, ThermoSens is virtually impenetrable.